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Since 2009, Young Wazy in the Creative Industries space has aimed to help clients reach their prospective customer base, a challenge many experience has shown to be struggling.

That’s why we assembled a team of IT specialists, marketing wizards and crazy creatives and came up with a recipe to make marketing as easy and effective as possible.


Young Wazy GmbH
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Switzerland +41 44 930 25 25 info@youngwazy.com
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Feed your Audience.

We create content with real added value. It's often more effective in modern communication than pure advertising messages. We support you both in creating the content and in the implementation, including the creation of the content elements, be they videos, photos, social media feed posts or media content for your email marketing.

The communication solution for Businesses which want to get attention from their customer target group.

By feeding the customer group with the right variation and using images / videos in posts, newsletters or other channels, a potential customer will become aware of your message.

Experience with Software-Platforms:
01. REASON Attention

Do you want to address your customers directly, put your products or services in the limelight or have a beautiful, well thought-out feed that is impressive?

02. REASON Brand Position

We position your brand sustainably on the right platform or win new customers for your company with targeted ads. We always make sure that the appearance is authentic.

03. REASON Storytelling

Your brand has something to tell, then choose one of our templates and let’s create the next videos and your customers‘ attention is easy to consume.

04. REASON Content

We capture the moments that interest your target audience! It doesn’t matter whether we create your next photos or videos – the focus is always on your message.

Use of the created content

Branding attempts to develop the brand into a figurehead of the company with an image – an image that consumers have in mind when they come into contact with the brand. For this purpose, it is linked to certain messages (slogans, claims), images and emotions with which the consumer can identify. This is intended to increase the immaterial value of this brand and develop trust and customer loyalty. Here are examples of good branding: 

Apple, with its bitten apple on the back of its devices, stands for qualitative, intuitive high-end products and a clear, elegant design.

Clothing brands such as Boss or Armani embody style, extravagance and lifestyle. This branding was extended by perfumes and care products from the same brands.

Evian conveys a sense of purity - so distinctive that the brand has even managed to brand stretch its world-renowned mineral water to market a cosmetics line under the same umbrella - despite the two products not being compatible.

Called online advertising in English, online advertising refers to all important advertising measures and channels on the Internet. This includes websites and advertising messages that influencers and their own accounts spread on social media. Unlike print media, display ads on websites offer a wide range of design options and control options. The aim of these measures is direct interaction with the previously defined target group.

It is probably one of the most well-known formats in online marketing. Customers are informed about promotions, offers, news, etc. with a personalized e-mail. They are particularly well received if not only the salutation but also the content is tailored to the recipient.

Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. With relevant content and a clearly defined goal, companies not only have the opportunity to reach their customers, but also to build a loyal community. The numerous and sometimes very innovative placement options for advertisements ensure that more and more companies jump on the bandwagon. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube are considered the most important social networks.

Wake up in the morning and check Facebook – watch a cute cat video. Turn on the TV while brushing your teeth – a new commercial for toothpaste is on. Wait at the bus stop for line 49 – and quickly watch an episode of Netflix. We encounter videos in many places these days. They are part of our fast-moving world – we are confronted with them in social media, the web and at various contact points in our everyday life. There are reasons for this – videos offer the opportunity not only to convey information, but also to arouse emotions at the same time. This makes them a valuable marketing tool. If you want your message to be part of the information that gets stuck in the minds of viewers, everything has to fit. For this reason, it is important that you choose the right video format.

Which Service suits you?

We give you suggestions of various templates for video and photo and you can choose which one suits you best so that we can send you the finished version.

The annual communication solution. We define your social content plan and you will receive text created by us according to your wishes.

Reasons to work with us

Time-saving, we take over the effort to prepare your social media posts after consultation.

It is very important to plan the right variation and media use of your Social Meida posts. We make sure to get the best possible attention from your target group.

Project Management of social media posts becomes easier. Together we set deadlines and deliver on time so that you can publish the posts.

Your investment should pay off. If our service is booked in combination with an advertisement, we guarantee measurable success.

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